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Dr. Iris Ramirez

"Dr. Ramirez has worked for 2 years to keep my very sick dog healthy & thriving. When I first met her, she literally saved his life & helped me become aware of a dangerous medication that had been prescribed to him by another vet. She has worked after hours & via telephone & email numerous times simply because she has a heart for my animal. I've never met a more caring and knowledgeable veterinarian. The other members of the Pet Wellness team are equally as passionate about their careers & the animals they serve. They always go beyond the expected to help with my dog. I would definitely recommend that you seek out Pet Wellness Center and their holistic treatments for your pet." -JM

"We highly recommend Dr Iris Ramirez of Affectionately Pets! She has treated three of our cats over the past few years. Most recently, our 16 year old Cornish Rex cat, Jo, suffered a leg injury. Dr Iris came to our home, patiently and gently evaluated Jo, and helped us find a local clinic to take her in for x-Rays, where she was ultimately diagnosed with a fractured femur. Dr Iris provided homeopathic treatment to assist in Jo's recovery, offered extensive medical advice, and helped us develop a care plan for our cat. Dr Iris has gone above and beyond providing her care, expertise, and kindness! We are so very grateful to have her services available in our area. Additionally, we appreciate Dr Iris's sensitivity to not over-vaccinating or over-medicating, and we love that she specializes in a holistic approach. We can't express our gratitude enough!"

“No more fear. No more trauma. Doc Iris and her team are loving, holistic, and capable. My “kids” love seeing her. Zoe and Lola have never been healthier!” -EM

"I started seeing Doc Iris with my 8 year old dog, when he was diagnosed with a possible brain tumor. His health went downhill pretty quickly, suffering a multitude of problems including seizures, vision problems, and the inability to function normally. I truly believe that Doc was able to improve his quality of life over the next several months and also prolong it with the use of chiropractic, herbs, dietary changes and her overall expertise in natural healing. She was able to detect things that the conventional doctors did not, and she went above and beyond for my dog Brody, as well as her staff. They really cared about him and that genuinely showed." -KP

"Currently, I have a puppy and he is now a patient of Doc Iris. I drive 45 minutes to see her but it's well worth it. I know that he is getting specialized and the best possible care around." -LF

"Pet Wellness Center isn't your "run-of-the-mill" veterinary clinic. Don't let the unsophisticated store-frontage fool you into thinking this isn't the place you want to be with your animals. Doc Iris and her staff practice multiple layers of animal care - from "traditional" to holistic. They are well versed in both services and provide top quality care whichever protocol you choose. Doc Iris and staff are also very "available." Meaning, you can talk to them on the phone, or send an email and you WILL get a response within a reasonable amount of time. I have never fallen into a "black hole" at Pet Wellness Center. I also understand Doc Iris will do home visits. However, I've never utilized this service, so I can't speak to it. To close, Pet Wellness Center is where I take my Whippet and my Standard Poodle and strongly recommend their expertise for your animals" -NS

“We are happy to be a part of your loving family too. Dr. was clear in all instruction and info provided was clear to me.” -CS

“I was very impressed with Dr. Iris. Her friendship with Michelle (my feline friend) was very obvious. All her instruction and explanations were explicit.” – RS

“Dr. Iris was clear with her explanations and left us instructions in writing which is truly helpful. She discussed many different aspects of my pet’s health, including nutrition, vaccines and other health concerns. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Iris to any pet owner.”

"Doc Iris has done amazing things for our 13 yo Golden Retriever! Like us humans, you have to look beyond conventional veterinary medicine, as it is not always the answer. Doc Iris knows her stuff! Love the Pet Wellness Center, and the fact that she will do house calls if needed. The Standard Process products are superior to anything I have tried in the past. Casey, at 13 yo is doing AMAZING under Doc Iris's care!" - WB

“I came home and found loose stool with mucus and bright red blood with foul smell on the floor. Got very concerned and called Dr. Iris. She was very calm and told me that the remedy for the condition was aresnicum album. I was not sure if this would actually work, but, I went ahead and got it. The remedy worked to my pleasant surprise (I might add that it only took one dose). NO accidents!!! The babies are now back to their normal playful self. Thank you so much, Dr. Iris! The remedy only cost &6 plys some change. Had I taken them to the regular vet, the bill would have been at least $100+ and the kids would have been subjected to at least blood work and other unnecessary medications. Thank you again! I am a believer!” – ZM

“My Sakkaro was basically lifeless… Dr. Iris diagnosed the lung tumor in 2 seconds by feeling the stomach. I had just been to my vet earlier who didn’t detect anything… That was 3 weeks ago, my dog couldn’t walk, was anemic… is walking and looking healthy… service is excellent and extremely efficient.” – LM

“Baby is really doing well. He still scratches his face from time to time with his front claws… but I do not see him licking like he was prior to giving him the phosphorus. Amazing turn around, quickly. And I can see his hair on his abdomen is growing back, white… ever since yesterday it’s filling in. I am so grateful, I would run and jump in the streets to yell to the world as to what you’ve done for him and me. Thank you, Iris.” -TZ

“We saw immediate relief from the chiropractic adjustment, his back is straighter and was using both hind legs well. He had a spring in his step and was pulling lead again.” -RK

“Dr. Iris Ramirez is the best vet that I have found. She knows what works best and what to watch out for. I always learn something new from her. She knows traditional vet medicine, but she can also do chiropractic adjustments. My dogs are happy to see her and trust her and allow her to do tests, exams and even clean their teeth. She found things overlooked or not clearly understood by other vets in lab results and gave effective treatment. She is clearly very intelligent, kind and dedicated. She is also very tuned in when you talk about how your animal behaves in general. She asks more questions to find out if any health insights can be gains and explains what can be done to help. I am so glad we found her!” -DS

“Our dog suffered from chronic stomach problems – we were back and forth to the vet constantly. He was stressed out every time that I took him and terrified of the whole visit. He was not improving and just getting sicker. I found Doc Iris online and she has helped our dog to live a normal life. He rarely has any problems with his stomach anymore. She comes to our home and he is relaxed while she examines him. She has helped him with other issues that a 15-year-old dog had and does not dismiss his problems due to his age. I would strongly recommend Doc Iris to anyone that is frustrated with our current treatment for our pets or just wants a great vet that thinks outside of the box.” – PW

“Doc Iris IS THE BEST!!!! Our conventional vet stated that ‘I should make a decision by Saturday’ to put my Beautiful, Sweet ‘Little Mee’ to sleep. They weren’t sure if she had a neurological problem, a brain tumor, or a reaction to rabies vaccine (the conventional vet vaccinated her for rabies approx. 4-5 weeks before her symptoms appeared). She could not stand without her little legs buckling underneath her. She had to be carried everywhere. Her appetite declined. She was lethargic and listless. BUT, those big, beautiful, soulful, brown eyes told me she still had life in her!! I called Doc Iris and she saw me ON A SATURDAY!!! What an ANGEL from heaven!! Doc Iris; magic hands adjusted my little girl and started her on homeopathic medicines and changed her diet and WELLAAA…. My little doggie got her life back… and so did I!!! ‘Little M’ is a 14-year-old Shih Tzu, with a spring in her step and an appetite to make a mom’s heart swell… All thanks to an Angel with magic hands… DOC IRIS!!!” -SR

“I was impressed with Dr. Ramirez. This is the 4th vet that has seen Abby in the last several months. This was the first visit that was positive and gave me hope that Abby can live out the rest of her years healthy and happy. This has completely changed my view of the vet “industry” and made me feel like we are actually doing what works best for Abby. Thank you so much for being so compassionate, Dr. Ramirez!”

“Cozmo is doing great!! He’s walking better and seems to like his new medicine. I LOVED Dr. Iris and would most definitely tell people how special she is!”


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  • "Wow! Thanks to all the staff at Anderson Vet Clinic. I feel like you all truly love what you do! My kitty, Lola and I always have such a pleasant experience when we come in. Fortunately, it’s usually just for a check-up, but I would not leave Lola in anyone else’s hands but yours. Thank you for your caring commitment!"
    Maya Smith / Los Angeles, CA
  • "I have benefited tremendously from the care my pet received from Dr. Anderson."
    John Doe / San Diego, CA

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