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Wholistic or Holistic

The term refers to the philosophy behind the choice of treatment, not the treatment itself. This philosophy considers the entire (whole) patient and their lifestyle. In humans, this would include mental, emotional, and physical parameters. With pets, we do the best we can to evaluate the whole patient without  the benefit of verbal communications from the patient. Many people believe that "holistic" refers to the use of medications from natural sources vs. from drug companies. Holistic practice can use synthetic drugs, surgery, herbs, etc. Our goal is to help the patient to heal and actually reach better health and comfort than what they were experiencing when first presented.

Herbal Medicines

Not to be confused with Homeopathic medicines, most of our modem drugs, even aspirin and heart drugs, were originally derived from herbs. Plant materials can provide powerful, useful medicines and even poisons. Don’t think you’re not using a drug if you use an herb. Depending on the source, you could be using a very strong, although natural, drug. Herbs can work more gently than their synthetic counterparts. They contain more ingredients than synthetics or isolated chemicals and it is thought that this God provided balance can decrease or eliminate ill effects (aka "side" effects) and even act synergistically to help the patient. They’re usually less costly and gentler to the body; some act more as a nutritional support to aid the immune system in healing. Herbal philosophies include: Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese medicine, and Western  herbs.

Our Mission

Helping pets and their human companions to gain the most time possible to enjoy the longest and most pleasant lifetime together. 


In short, is Marijuna good for pets? NO. But is CBD oil beneficial to pets? YES! Very much so. Give us a call to see if CBD could help your pets needs.

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